Auto Buy Sell Signal Software

Auto Buy Sell Signal Software – 

Auto Buy Sell Signal Software is a tool which helps you in decision-making during trades. The point is it’s a simple machine language and anyhow you need to understand that language. It’s not a rocket science but yes it’s a very useful tool in this technological trading world. Sometimes what happens that we will not be able to catch each and everything by our necked eyes and most of the time it’s very difficult to observe or watch 200 stocks at a same point of time. Where buying is coming, where selling is coming which one is sideways so in this situation you need a confidential and “unbiased friend” which can help you. So our most prominent ” Auto Buy Sell Signal Software” will help you to find the best trade in any kind of situation with proper entry-exit target and stop-loss.

The whole segment is distributed in 3 parts.

1:- Scanning tool        2:- Charting tool         3: Live Data Feeds                     

1:- Scanning Tool: – In Auto Buy Sell Signal Software, As the name suggests, the scanner means to scan some relative strong (buy side) side or weak (sell side) stocks/ community/currency amount the list of stocks/ commodities/currencies. The base of that scanner can be any like “overwrought / oversold RSI” or “MACD Crossover” or Cross above or below of “Supper Trend” or “Moving averages crossover” etc. Sometimes we use so many parameters simultaneously like a combination of 2-3 strategies in one together. For getting brief you can contact us

2:- Charting Tool: As the name suggests, the charting tool will help you to make things visible. The charting tool will give you proper entry point is any script with suitable stop-loss and target. We generally use GAAN theory or Fibonacci theory to calculate target and stop-loss.

Now the point to be noted is Scenario no 1: “If you know charting and technical analysis on your own then simply take only scanner tool and use that for script selection and make your trade profitable. The Scanner will help you to save your time in one by one chart analysis and will produce target scripts just by one click. Scenario No 2: If you don’t know charting and technical analysis then my first suggestion will be to join Training and then start trading. First, learn then earn. If you have any issue like lack of time anything then my preferred suggestion will be to take both “Scanning tool” as well as “Charting tool” for making your trade profitable. 

3: Live Data Feeds: For using all these tools you need “live data feeds” for generating Auto Buy Sell Signals. 

Note: I use only “AMIBROKER” so my whole discussion is related to Amobroker. 

Cost of Scanner: Rs. 5000 (One time – One Code)

Cost of Charting Tool: Rs. 5000 (One time -One Code)

Cost of Scanner + Charting Tool: Rs 8000 (One time – One Code)

Live data feeds: Varies from Rs 400-750 per month – paid to data vendor, not to me.


  • The installation will be by remote access of your computer via using Team Viewer.
  • Training will be provided after installation.
  • Any further change/update in the code will be delivered without any extra cost.

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