Category: Trading

Jul 25

Nifty and market analysis:

Nifty and market analysis Nifty, a benchmark is trading around at the lifetime high and no one is expecting any downside from this level. This is not a good signal, after all, it’s a market.  Nifty is getting managed just because of some couple of stocks like HDFC, HDFC Bank, Reliance, TCS, INFY, Maruti as […]
Jul 21

Technical Analysis on ICICI bank

  Technical Analysis on ICICI bank Buy Half of the quantity above Rs. 268.00 and more half above Rs. 272.00 The first target will be Rs. 276.00 and Stop loss will be Rs. 260.00 Daily close basis If Rs. 276 breaks, double your quantity for the target of Rs. 280, Rs. 302 and Rs. 317. Expecting […]
Jul 19

Greed And Fear In The Stock Market

Greed and fear are the major players in the stock market. These two emotions are the driving force behind almost all market participants – Institutional managers, stockbrokers,  Investors, traders and yourself. Try to buy people fear and sell people greed.  You might be saying to yourself that greed and fear will never get in the way of […]